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Keep track of your child’s brushing routine with this Rewards for Brushing chart.

Give rewards for jobs well done!

Reward systems are an excellent behavior modification strategy that quickly change your child’s behavior or help develop a new habit. A simple reward system can help her become more responsible for her behavior. Print out the Rewards for Brushing chart below and get some fun stickers that your child will love. Every time your child brushes her teeth, she gets a sticker, her reward for brushing, for her chart. Give her the sticker immediately after brushing and let her to stick it on her chart in the appropriate box. Allow your child to decorate her chart to get her motivated to earn stickers. Make sure the sticker chart is displayed prominently in the house, as young children are very proud of their accomplishments and want to ensure everyone is aware they have earned stickers. Use praise to motivate her to keep earning stickers.


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